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Monday, 17 June 2013

Maintain Vendor Records:

Maintain Vendor Records:
First  of al open peachtree to maintain vendor records.

And than click on the maintain to maintain vendor records.

After clicking on the vendor the following screen will appear.

To maintain the  records enter the vendor ID and name of the vendor and after completing this work to save this work click on 

 this save tab.
 It requires the information about the vendor like its
Contact number , address , account , its location  from which city he is beloging , what type of vendor he is ?.... its email address etc
After completing this information we can save , add or delete this information according to the requirement.
After clicking on the “purchase default” the following screen will appear.

Purchase default:
 It requires the information about an employee who is representing this purchase transaction  you can select or cange an employee by clicking on kookup button.
you can also select the purchase account by clicking on lookup button.
You can also add the information about the vendor tax ID.
Carrier is also selected from it.
Terms of payment and mode of payment is also necessary.
By clicking  on the  custom field the following screen will appear.

Custom field information can be entered for the selected vendor by clicking on custom field.
Than by clicking on history the following screen will appear.

To maintain the history of selected customer selsect the tab History and provide information which is required like…

Customer since , last apyment, last transaction , last payment date , last invoice date about the selected  customer. 

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